Internet TV was invented back in 1990s, and it has been developing ever since. By now it has become the most convenient, high-quality and affordable source of information, entertainment and education. More than 60% of adults subscribed to streaming services in the USA last year, and the number keeps growing. Streaming is the great source of Polish TV channels for millions of Poles living around the globe. And PolBox.TV is the major provider at the market of Internet TV in Polish language.  

Polish TV: simple online access

According to the statistics, more than 55% of adults watch streamed TV shows every day. It is estimated that the number of online TV users is growing by 5% each year, and is going to hit 213 million people by 2023. Streaming Polish TV has obvious advantages compared to satellite, and those are:

  • It does not require large investments to start and maintain (no cables or satellite dishes)
  • It is not dependable on the weather
  • Polish TV on the internet is not bound geographically (to Poland or certain household)
  • It is fully manageable (recording broadcasts, Parental lock, scheduling streamings and many other features)
  • It has amazing quality of performance (HD and 3D channels included)  
  • It is available on any devices along with TV set – PCs, laptops, tablets, mobiles phones (besides, you can watch different content on them simultaneously) 

Special perk of Polish TV online is the service of videos on-demand, provided in the expansive library and available at the click of a button. Interestingly, its customers’ most popular genres are drama (46%), comedy and action/adventure series. But Polish TV also delivers horror, fantasy, romance, reality, documentaries and so much more. 

Polish TV channels: free and unlimited  

What PolBox.TV offers in your package of Polish television online is the uninterrupted access to:

  • more than 120 best Polish TV channels,
  • 3.000 most popular foreign films translated into Polish,
  • a dozen of local radio stations from Poland. 

With PolBox.TV, you get even more compared to other providers at the market:

  • Good quality of streaming even with poor Internet connection (so called Eco-mode)
  • Instant suspension of the service if you are not planning on using it for some time
  • 24-hour technical support 

Watching high-quality Polish TV is not only pleasant, but also useful experience to stay in touch with Poland, support fluent level of spoken Polish, and receive interesting and useful information about politics, society, music, fashion, sports and many other aspects of human life. 

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